BC Vaccine Card is required for entry. Please see details here:

Masks are required for entry and in all common areas of the studio. You may remove your mask during training. 

Maintain social distance from others at all times when in the studio.

We are not accepting walk-ins at this time. All students must sign up online in advance.



Below are our guidelines for each class:

Aerial Silk
We will be limiting our aerial silks classes to two days a week, with a maximum of 5 students per class. Research has shown that the covid-19 virus can live anywhere from 24-72 hours on fabric, so we want to make sure there is a clear 72 hour period in between usage of any silk. On days where two silk classes run, the silks will be switched out for fresh ones in between classes so no one will ever use a silk that hasn't been freshly sanitized. Once a silk has been used we will be sanitizing it using a sanitizing fogger and disinfectant system (Vital Clean System) . Due to the constant swapping out of silks and sanitizing procedures, as well as increased wear and tear, we cannot run silk classes everyday at this time.

At the end of each class students will wipe down their mats, either with cleaning wipes or paper towel and spray. If using paper towel/spray, it will be the coach's responsibility to spray down the mats before students wipe them, as to minimize the number of people who use the spray bottle.

We will also be encouraging students to purchase their own silks. We are working with our supplier to get a bulk order deal and will release details about this soon! If by chance you have your own already, or plan to purchase it from an online store, we will only allow silks purchased at the following stores: Aerial Essentials, Circus Concepts, Aerial Fabric, or Juggle Gear. You must show us that you have purchased it from one of these stores. We will not allow any gear purchased off Amazon or anything similar. If you need assistance in purchasing from any of these authorized stores (such as deciding length, stretch type, hardware accessories, etc) please contact us and we will be happy to help!

We apologize for the lack of silks classes to start off with, however we encourage everyone to try out some of our other classes! You might find something new you love!

All pole classes will be limited to 4 students max. Students will still be required to wipe down their poles but the coach will spray them down to minimize contact with the spray bottle. We will provide clean and sanitized microfibre towels for students to use. Students are also recommended to bring their own yoga mats if needed for stretching and warm up. We will no longer be providing yoga mats for use.

If you are practicing a trick that requires a little more space, please make your neighbour aware of it so they can step out of the way if needed.

Please note our pole coach Teghann lives with family that is immuno-compromised. We ask all students to please maintain caution and be extra careful in any class where Teghann is the coach

Aerial Hoop
All hoop classes will be limited to 5 students max. Students will wipe down their hoops at the end of class either with lysol wipe or paper towel/spray, which is sprayed on by the coach.

All flexibility classes will be limited to 4 students. Students will be required to bring their own yoga blocks and stretch bands in order to take this class. A yoga mat is also recommended but not required.

All handstand classes will be limited to 5 students. Students will wipe down all handstand blocks and boards that they use either with lysol or paper towel/spray, which is sprayed on by the coach.

Open Gym
We are now separating all open gyms to each studio space. If you want to train aerial you must sign up for 'aerial open gym'. You must bring your own Aerial Silk to use, but we have Aerial Hoops available for clients to use. All equipment will be sanitized before/after use and you will be the only one that uses it for the duration of your booking.  All students must stay in their own training area, and cross training aerial / pole is not allowed. You must stay in the studio that you sign up for. All students are also required to wipe down any gym equipment they use while they are here. We encourage you to bring as much of your own gear as possible (yoga blocks, mats, straps and bands, etc)


We will not be running classes with only 1 sign up.  If on the day of class there is only one sign up, we will inform the student and cancel the class.  Passes will be returned to your account in this event.



We have marked off all individual training spaces in each of our studios. As per the BC Health low-intensity fitness guidelines, we have allocated a minimum of 2.5 meters between each person's training area. Please always remain in your individual training space at all times, and take care to keep distance from others if you need to step away from your space.



During class we are asking that parents do not stay and watch. We are removing all our chairs and benches. Parents we kindly ask that you wait in your car or grab some coffee while your child takes class. We will be locking our doors during class to eliminate any walk in clients. After class your child will be asked to leave the studio one by one. Please make sure you are on time for pick up as we need the studio empty for cleaning. 

While your child is in class, we ask that they remain in their spot for the entire class (unless the coach has said otherwise). This means, for our silk classes, they remain on the mat. We will not tolerate any running around or walking back and forth from the washroom or to their stuff. If your child needs to use the washroom or forgot something in their bag, please have them ask their teacher politely and the teacher will clear a path for them. Please ask your child to bring their water bottle and water (we will not be providing water at this time) as well as any other equipment they need to their spot right at the beginning of class. 

Please have your child bring the following to class: 

1) Water Bottle with water

2) Long Sleeved Shirt (For Aerial classes only) 

3) Yoga Blocks (min 2) (For Contortion & Hoop class) 

4) Yoga Mat (For Contortion class) 

5) Stretch Bands (for Contortion class)

6) Hand Balancing Blocks (For Contortion class) 



At the end of each business day our gym will be fully sanitized, all surfaces wiped down and floors cleaned. We will also be wiping down washroom surfaces on a constant basis throughout the day. We will also be using the Vital Clean fogging system on carpet floors in between classes (Vital Clean)

Wiping down mats/equipment:
After class, it will still be the students' responsibility to wipe down mats/equipment, but we may be switching to spray cleaner instead of lysol wipes due to low supply. The coach will put on disposable gloves and distribute the wipes or paper towels. If using paper towels it will be the coach's responsibility to spray down each mat, after which the student will wipe it down with paper towel. This is to limit the amount of people that touch the spray bottle cleaner.

Wiping down poles:
At the end of each class, students must sanitize their hands before wiping down poles. The coach will put on disposable gloves and distribute freshly washed towels for everyone to use.
It will now also be the coach's responsibility to spray each pole as to limit the number of hands that touch the spray bottle. After students wipe down the poles, please place the used towels in the bucket provided.



We will now have students wait outside the gym until it is time for their class. We encourage everyone to arrive 15 minutes early so there is ample time to line up and get sorted before starting the class.

Coaches will come to the front door and wave people in once they are ready. Students will enter one at a time as directed by the coach.

Upon entering the gym, students must immediately wash their hands or use hand sanitizer. 

Coaches will direct all flow of traffic. Please maintain a safe distance from people at all times.

If you are a new student, waivers will now be done online before you come in.

Doors will be LOCKED during class, and will only open for entry/exit times. We are not allowing any walk-ins during this time. All students must sign up online before coming to the studio.



We will no longer have chalk, rosin, or dry hands available to share. Clients are encouraged to bring their own chalk or rosin, and we will have dry hands available for sale in the office. However we highly discourage sharing these products with others to limit physical interaction.

Students will also be required to bring their own water. Until further notice we will not have a water cooler available in the gym. Please remember to bring water!



We ask that everyone limit the amount of surfaces that they touch when they're here.
Try to maintain a safe distance away from others. We are a small space but we feel that limiting class sizes will help with this.

If you feel sick at all, please do not come to the gym. If you have a booked class and feel ill, please contact us and we will cancel for you.

If students need to use the washroom during class, please let the coach know and they will make sure there is a clear path for you to walk through.

If possible, refrain from going back and forth to your belongs while in class. Please place any regularly used items such as water bottles and phone by your apparatus so you can easily use them if needed.

After class, please refrain from hanging around or chit chatting inside the studio. We have a limited window of time to clean the studio between classes so we appreciate your understanding!

In regards to spotting skills, it will be up to each coach's discretion and if they feel it can be accomplished safely for all involved. We may also stick to skills that don't require spotting for the most part until things settle down.