Aerial Silks, also known as aerial fabric, tissu, aerial ribbons or aerial curtains, is a quickly expanding and highly sought-after art form. Students will gain strength and increase flexibility learning to wrap, climb, spin, twist and drop, all while suspended in beautiful, soft aerial fabric. The beauty throughout the movement of the fabric wrapping around you is matched only by the dazzling aerial poses you will learn to create in this exciting and inspiring class.





Aerial Hoop (also known as Lyra, Aerial Ring or Cerceau) is a circular steel apparatus resembling a hula hoop suspended from the ceiling. In this class you will learn Aerial Hoop basics such as mounting the hoop, posing, spinning and moving within it.  Each class you will be challenged and guided through many different hoop tricks to create new and different combinations all while getting a great workout and having lots of fun.



In our Aerial Hammock class, you will combine circus acrobatics with dance elements using the aerial sling.  Students will learn spins, drops, inverts, and twists while dancing in the air and creating beautiful shapes.  This class is similar to aerial silks but has less climbing and more spinning. 






Aerial Yoga combines traditional yoga elements and poses in a relaxing class where you will build strength and flexibility! We offer two different styles: Restorative & Flow!
Restorative: Slow down and relax! Our Aerial Yoga Restorative class encourages deep relaxation and stillness of the mind through passive movements and stretches.
Flow: Be like water. In Aerial Yoga Flow we go through sequences of moves and poses through active and dynamic movements timed with breathing techniques.