All levels are welcome in this class from very beginner to the more extreme pole dancer, you can always learn something new!

We offer a wide variety of different pole classes:
Pole Fitness – This class will teach you basic spins, sits, and climbs for our beginner clients. Intermediate and advance students will learn laybacks, inverts, shoulder mounts, and handsprings, as well as conditioning moves on how to achieve these moves.
Pole Choreo – Our Pole Choreography class focuses on creating dance combos with static and spin pole. This is a great addition to your other pole classes as it will teach you to flow from one trick to the next with grace.
Pole Twerkout – In Twerkout you’ll spend an hour shaking your hips, popping your butt, and sweating! Twerk is one of the most fun, and challenging, dance styles to play with today. It’s increased popularity over the years has made it one of the most requested styles to teach in our choreography classes.
Pole classes will aid in improving both strength and technique while providing an exciting and intense workout! Try one today!