Are you interested in getting into aerial, but don’t know where to start? Our Aerial Yoga classes are a perfect combination of low impact and slower paced movements to introduce you to the world of aerial fitness! No previous experience required! This is a great place to start your aerial journey!
Aerial Yoga combines traditional yoga elements and poses with the support of an aerial hammock. This is a more relaxed class where you will build strength and flexibility, decompress and destress! 
We offer two different styles: Restorative & Flow
Restorative: Slow down and relax! Our Aerial Yoga Restorative class encourages deep relaxation and stillness of the mind through passive movements and stretches. Perfect for injury rehabilitation and pain relief.
Flow: Be like water. In Aerial Yoga Flow we go through sequences of moves and poses through active and dynamic movements timed with breathing techniques. Build strength, flexibility, and have a great time!




What should I wear/bring? Bare feet/athletic wear. No jewelry or zippers on clothing! No lotion as it can rub off and stain the hammocks.  Some moves are better with long sleeves & pants. You can also bring a yoga mat if you wish but it is not required.

Do I need previous experience? Not at all! Anyone can try aerial yoga and there are no skill requirements.

Should I eat before class? We recommend eating a light meal before class to prevent dizziness, as training aerial yoga on an empty stomach may result in discomfort. Eating something with ginger can help with dizziness as well!