1.  How long do I have to cancel a class before it is considered a late cancel?

Due to Covid-19, we currently do not allow for cancellations once you have booked a class. 

2. What should I wear in class?

Pole:  Athletic wear, shorts are usually recommended since skin exposure can help stick to the pole

Silk:  Athletic wear that covers the back of your legs and armpits

Aerial Yoga:  Athletic wear, bare feet

 3. How long are my sessions/packages good for?

Each drop-in punch card has a different expiry date.  A single pass expires in 1 month, 5-passes expire in 2 months, and 10-passes expire in 4 months.

 4. Do I need to have any experience to take a class at AcroFit?

No experience necessary!  Our beginner classes are designed to start at the absolute beginning, so you do not need to have done anything like it in your past.

 5. Where do I put my stuff while I am training?

You can place your belongings in the cubby holes, either the ones with doors on them or the multiple shelving units which you can see throughout the entire training session.

 6. Should I bring a water bottle? 

We currently do not provide water due to Covid-19

7.  Do you have classes for kids?

YES!  Our AcroFit Junior program is for children ages 7-12.  The structure is a little different in that AcroFit Junior members sign up for seasonal sessions and attend the same classes on the same days at the same times every week.  For more information, press here.

8. Do you have showers?

No, we have two bathrooms but no showers.

9.  Can I arrange a class for just me and my friends?  For my company outing?

Yes, we love group visits!  Just contact us at info@acrofit.ca and we will make arrangements for your group to come and have a blast at the AcroFit studios.  For more information, press here.

10. Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

No, we do not offer refunds or exchanges on passes and memberships.