Liesl Klaue – Mother’s Day Workshops

May 12, 2024

  • 6:30PM & 8:30PM
  • 90min workshop: $50 members / $60 non-members
  • 60min workshop: $40 members / $50 non-members


6:30 – The Many Ways to Windmill (90 min) 

We’ve seen the iconic windmill with the helicopter middle split. It’s epic, enthralling, and classic. For many of us though, that’s a long way off. Or maybe we’ve already achieved it and wonder if there might be something more. This workshop will take the foundations we’ve already learned (no matter how advanced we are) and start playing with them. We’ll dive into little changes that can make windmills more interesting, dynamic, and new. The control and technique learned in this workshop will also directly translate back to having control and technique in the classic straddle version. 

Prerequisites: Students must already have learned/be working on the classic windmill.

1.5hr – Register


8:15 – Funky Dynamic Hammock (60 min)

Whether or not you’ve already taken a Dynamic Hammock workshop, this one is for you!  We’ll be learning a bunch of fun transitions that you can incorporate into your choreography for some explosive elements to bring some drama! Some elements might be flippy versions of transitioning from backpack to single leg hang, or single knee hook to hip balance. 

Prerequisites: Students must be able to invert many times throughout the class.

1hr – Register