Aerial Silks, also known as aerial fabric, tissu, aerial ribbons or aerial curtains, is a quickly expanding and highly sought-after art form. Students will gain strength and increase flexibility learning to wrap, climb, spin, twist and drop, all while suspended in beautiful, soft aerial fabric. The beauty throughout the movement of the fabric wrapping around you is matched only by the dazzling aerial poses you will learn to create in this exciting and inspiring class.



Beginner students will learn skills low in a knot that is tied in the silks. Once you have built up the strength & confidence in these skills students will then learn how to climb the fabric in order to move on to more Intermediate skills.    

Intermediate & Advanced students are working outside of the knot and learning skills with 1 or both feet wrapped. Students will learn the appropriate wraps for more advanced skills & drops all while having fun building strength & endurance.